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Agile New England is cialis refractory the leading community of Agile enthusiasts, practitioners and learners in New England.  Our meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of buy propecia and proscar every month 6:00pm - 9:00pm at the Constant Contact in Waltham, MA.  The main presentation is generally from 7:05pm - 8:20pm, with Agile 101 courses, food, and networking before, and announcements and more networking after.  Registration is required for most events, so please register here.

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Quantifying the Cost of Delay: Sean Barrett PDF Print E-mail

Oct 01,2015, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett


This session will be an interactive workshop. Participants will exercise the concepts to explore example and real world scenarios by attempting to quantify the potential value of those scenarios.

Quantifying Cost of Delay not only helps improve prioritization, but also helps with making trade-off decisions. It creates a healthy sense of urgency, and changes the isopixel.net focus of the conversation from efficiency and cost (which can encourage counterproductive behavior) to speed and value. If you’re interested in experimenting with Cost of Delay, but not sure how to get started, then this workshop is specifically for you!

About the speaker:

Sean Barrett is an Enterprise Agile Coach at Vistaprint in Waltham, MA. With twenty years of experience in technology, from startups to Financial giants, his Agile journey began in the Lean and Kanban space. While completing Emergn’s Expert Coaching Pathway, his awareness of try it buy discount viagra on the internet and buying viagra in the united kingdom passion for the interconnected worlds of Agile, Lean, Organizational Agility and Lean Startup expanded rapidly. At Vistaprint Sean collaborates with a deeply committed team of Agilists to order viagra from canada help the enterprise navigate an end to end transformation of their culture, mindset and practices. We are shifting our focus away from maximizing utilization, hitting promised dates, and delivering in big batches, to increasing quality through fast feedback, accelerating our time to market, and ensuring we’re concentrating on our highest value opportunities to delight our customers.

Agile 101 for October 01, 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Topic: Scaling Agile for Hardware-Software Products

When you attempt to scale your Agile approach beyond software development to cover all of your product technologies for the whole lifecycle, you need answers to key questions like:

  • Doesn't hardware need far longer sprints than Agile allows?
  • Do all teams have to getting cialis from canada be cross-functional?
  • How do we coordinate among teams on a very large project?
  • Is there a point where the dependencies become unmanageable?

Now it seems that everyone is searching for a way to widen the benefits they've seen from Agile software teams, and they're trying out many different tactics. Agile scaling is not like other business change initiatives where you can paint a clear vision of the goal for everyone to see. We cannot mastermind a complete detailed picture of what our company will be like fully Agile - too many variables! The real question is:

"Can we create an emerging vision along the cialis next day delivery way that is canadian cialis generic strong enough to keep the transformation going?"

Nancy V believes that this is possible. We'll take an empirical approach - addressing these questions by looking at real project situations from the instructor's experience and yours.

About the session leader:

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert is an Agile Enterprise coach and founder of viagra official reseller Lean-Agile Partners, Inc. She was among the first to apply Agile methods to embedded systems development, as an engineer, manager, and consultant. She has led Agile change initiatives beyond software development in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and coached clients in the art of Agile technical and management leadership.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and is a founder and past president of Agile New England. Nancy speaks at numerous Agile professional gatherings worldwide, and works with clients aerospace, factory automation, medical devices, defense systems, and

Agile 101 courses run from 6:00 to 6:45 during the networking period of the monthly meeting.

A sign-up sheet is posted at 5:30 near the check-in table. 

Capacity is limited to 10 people per class, and sign-up  is first come, first served.

Kanban 101 for October 01, 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Miljan Bajic

Miljan Bajic

Topic: Getting the Most Out of Agile, Scrum, and Lean Kanban

Scrumban is both a mindset and a management framework.

Though a great deal of Scrumban originates from Scrum and www.forensic-medicine.pl the Kanban Method, it’s not a blending of canada viagra for sale these two frameworks.

It’s Scrum roots inform us on generic cialis soft tabs how to structure self-organizing teams, expose organizational dysfunctions, and manage complex undertakings. It’s Kanban roots enable us to www.necc.co.uk acquire and synthesize information that allow for substantially better informed decisions about both the products and services we produce as well as the process we use to produce them. Additional principles stem from understandings rooted in other management sciences.

Since the term was first coined, Scrumban has evolved to a point where it manifests itself in 3 fundamental ways:

  1. As a framework for introducing Scrum to a team or organization;
  2. As a framework for scaling Scrum across an enterprise; and
  3. As a framework for adapting Scrum to better identify, understand and overcome organizational “dysfunctions” that can’t be quickly or easily changed.

About the speaker:

Miljan Bajic is an Agile Coach at Unum Group, where he is responsible for full range of coaching, training, and consulting activities. Miljan is a practitioner and leader in the use of Lean and Agile methods for organizational transformation. As a coach he has worked with teams, individuals and leadership on their Agile transformations, both large and small. He believes that the most important piece of any transformation is to build the skills in the teams to build and levitra no prescription canada continuously improve the process.

Miljan received his bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems and Communication from the Bryant University and has an MBA in Project Management from the University of Southern New Hampshire. Miljan is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) and a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM).

Agile Dojo PDF Print E-mail

The "Agile Dojo," meets from 5:30 to 6:30 in a corner of the main room.

The Agile Dojo (formerly the super cialis Agile Practice Group) gives Agile practitioners an opportunity to improve Agile techniques. In each meeting several participants practice an Agile skill such as facilitation, estimation, or requirements elicitation, then receive feedback from the audience. The group meets at each monthly meeting from 5:30-6:30. If you would like to generic viagra discount cheap be one of the presenters, please contact Michael de la Maza at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Patterns for Scaling Agile: David Grabel and Monica Yap PDF Print E-mail

Nov 05, 2015, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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David Grabel

David Grabel


Scaling Agile is risky. No matter what framework you use to scale Agile in a large enterprise, what are the patterns which lead to success, and what are the anti-patterns which lead to disasters? We invite all experienced Agile practitioners to explore and form a list of scaling patterns and anti-patterns. We will share our experience on how to create the successful patterns or avoid/resolve the anti-patterns. This is a highly interactive workshop with a goal to help the Agile community be more successful with enterprise transformations. Attendees can choose to be participants or observers.

Some of good choice where to purchase levitra the aspects of enterprise transformations to be explored for patterns and anti-patterns include:

  • Large scale planning
  • Geographically distributed teams
  • Agile mind set
  • Agile metrics
Monica Yap

Monica Yap

About the speakers:

David Grabel is a passionate enterprise agile coach. He has introduced Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe to organizations of sizes varying from single team startups to large organizations with over 500 teams. Previous clients include PayPal, Bose, and Trizetto. He helped develop a process for integrating Lean UX design with Scrum delivery teams that was rolled out to cheap cialis find 15 Lean UX teams supporting over 100 delivery teams around the world. He is certified as CSM, CSP & SPC and is studying at the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. He recently presented a workshop at Agile 2015 on Patterns for Scaling Agile.

David is a past president of Agile New England. He is currently bringing agile beyond engineering at Vistaprint. Previously, he was Vice President of Engineering at Monetrics a startup that was acquired by JM Family Enterprises. Other previous senior management positions include Vice President of Product Technology at Thomson and Vice President of Development at Politzer & Haney.

Monica Yap is an Agile coach at Twitter. She has previously been an Agile coach, Agile trainer, and Agile transformation coach for Agile consulting firms cPrime and just try! united pharmacy cialis SolutionsIQ, working at clients such as Symantec and PayPal. Monica is a regular presenter at conferences, including Agile Conferences, ADP West, and Scrum Gathering.


Member Discussion Forums PDF Print E-mail

We have a new feature!  It took a lot of work to implement, and required significant changes to the layout of the website (we think for the better), but we've added member discussion forums to Agile New England!  It's open for all Agile New England members, but you must be logged in to even see the menu option for it.  This is in part because it is meant as a benefit to our members (defined in our rules as anyone who has a login on our website), and in part for security and spam prevention.  The addition of the discussion forums is a big step in our efforts to help build the Agile community, even outside our regular meetings.

Once logged in, you will see a new menu option under Members Only, called Member Forums.  These forums can be used for talking about a particular meeting, beginner topics, advanced topic, jobs needed or opportunities announced, offering the next day delivery cialis group feedback, and even for coordinating rideshares, as was asked at several meetings.  For more information, be sure to cheap cymbalta visit the Rules and Help tabs once you get into the Member Forums.  Feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve the discussion forums.

Membership Policy PDF Print E-mail

Membership in Agile New England is open to everyone. There is no cost to join. Members have the right to vote in chapter elections, and to receive member benefits such as discounts on books and conferences. Becoming a member also makes it easier to register for an event, since most of http://www.necc.co.uk/propecia-for-male-baldness the form will be filled out for you if you are logged in

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