Quantifying the Cost of Delay: Sean Barrett

Oct 01,2015, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Sean Barrett

Sean Barrett

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This session will be an interactive workshop. Participants will exercise the concepts to explore example and real world scenarios by attempting to quantify the potential value of those scenarios.

Quantifying Cost of Delay not only helps improve prioritization, but also helps with making trade-off decisions. It creates a healthy sense of urgency, and changes the focus of the conversation from efficiency and cost (which can encourage counterproductive behavior) to speed and value. If you’re interested in experimenting with Cost of Delay, but not sure how to get started, then this workshop is specifically for you!

About the speaker:

Sean Barrett is an Enterprise Agile Coach at Vistaprint in Waltham, MA. With twenty years of experience in technology, from startups to Financial giants, his Agile journey began in the Lean and Kanban space. While completing Emergn’s Expert Coaching Pathway, his awareness of and passion for the interconnected worlds of Agile, Lean, Organizational Agility and Lean Startup expanded rapidly. At Vistaprint Sean collaborates with a deeply committed team of Agilists to help the enterprise navigate an end to end transformation of their culture, mindset and practices. We are shifting our focus away from maximizing utilization, hitting promised dates, and delivering in big batches, to increasing quality through fast feedback, accelerating our time to market, and ensuring we’re concentrating on our highest value opportunities to delight our customers.