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Agile New England is the leading community of Agile enthusiasts, practitioners and buy cheapest cialis 5 mg learners in New England.  Our meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of every month 6:00pm - 9:00pm at the Constant Contact in Waltham, MA.  The main presentation is http://www.nevron.si/buy-online-securely-viagra generally from 7:05pm - 8:20pm, with Agile 101 courses, food, and networking before, and announcements and more networking after.  Registration is required for most events, so please register here.

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Customer Feedback Vision - Persona to www.ecomedia-europe.net Requirements to Demonstration to Product Success!: Mario Moreira PDF Print E-mail

Jul 09,2015, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Mario Moreira

Mario Moreira


Effective customer feedback is elusive. How do you ensure you identify the right customers, get customers to feedback sessions, and capture the most effective feedback? This session will help you: • Establish a Customer Vision focused on gaining elusive customer feedback.

• Identify customer types via personas for your product, service, or value stream.

• Incorporate customer types into the way you capture requirements.

• Identify types of customer feedback loops.

• Devise strategies to get customers to your feedback sessions.

Instead of purchasing cialis with next d ay delivery barely hitting the broad side of the customer barn, wouldn't you rather hit the customer bullseye?

About the speaker:

Mario E. Moreira is a VP of Client Engagement and Agile Consultant at Emergn Ltd helping organizations achieve business success through a focus on building more valuable products, optimizing flow for faster delivery to market, and increasing quality by gaining customer feedback. He is an enterprise change agent who has worked in the agile, lean, innovation, education, strategy, and transformation fields. He is a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Scrum Professional (CSP) with Scrum, XP, and Kanban experience in the context of enterprise-level Agile transformations, coaching, and team-building.

As a Business and IT professional in networking, communications, product, open source, and financial industries for over 20 years, Mario has experience in software configuration management, software quality assurance, project management,requirements engineering, architecture, and IT governance. He served as Vice President of Engineering and Methodologies at Fidelity Investments and as the Head of the Agile Transformation at CA (Computer Associates).

Mario is the author of the new book entitled, Being Agile - Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption which currently has nine 5-star ratings on Amazon. He has also written Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams, Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap, and Agile for Dummies. He is writes activity for his blog at Agile Adoption Roadmap(cmforagile.blogspot.com) and is a regular speaker on Agile topics at US and European conferences.

Lean, Agile, DevOps, Flow, Enterprise Kanban - What's the connection and china cialis 50mg soft tab how do they all fit together? PDF Print E-mail

July 14, 2015, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm,  Siemens PLM Software, Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Yuval Yeret

Yuval Yeret


DevOps is essentially a higher form of agility. It is a blueprint for a great culture and process between the only now viagra pills for sale different groups involved in the delivery pipeline. The big question is www.notsomoderndrummer.com how to viagra without a prescription canada achieve it. 

DevOps looks at the value stream from idea to value and ensures an effective flow through this pipeline. Kanban visualizes the work flowing in the pipeline, manages the flow, and identifies obstacles to tighter DevOps operations and faster feedback cycles. 

This session will help you understand:

  • DevOps and its relationship to Agile, Lean and Flow.
  • Three ways towards DevOps culture, and how Lean/Flow thinking supports those ways.
  • What needs to change for an Agile organization to enjoy the benefits of cheap crestor DevOps.
  • How to "DevOpsify" your current way of doing things using Kanban methods.

About the speaker:

Yuval is a senior enterprise agility coach at AgileSparks, an international lean agile consulting company based out of Israel. He led several strategic long-term lean/agile initiatives in large enterprises and is one of the leading Kanban Practitioners and Trainers focused on the enterprise product development world. Yuval is a big believer in pragmatic, best-of-breed solution design, taking the best from each approach, avoiding Dogma, therefore it is not a surprise to purchase viagra without prescription find him among the leadership of the pragmatic and evolutionary Kanban movement. He recently received the Brickell Key Award for Lean Kanban community excellence, driving Kanban adoption in Israel. He published “Holy Land Kanban” based on cialis levitra viagra his thinking and writing at yuvalyeret.com.

Agile 101 for July 9, 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Engines That Make the Product Wheel Go 'Round

This session covers the generic brand for viagra product/portfolio lifecycle and market conditions tracking. It focuses on the GEM (Growth, Enhancement and Maturity) phase, which often receives little attention despite being where the profit is made. Marketing tracking is discussed using the MCPESTEL (Market, Competition, Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal) framework.

About the speaker:

Mark Taylor is a successful serial high tech entrepreneur and established company executive with over 20 years' experience in applying empirical methods in marketing, sales, business development, and product portfolio management. Mark's lean-agile practice experience spans start-ups (Apollo Computer, Raptor Systems, and RAIDCore) and established companies (Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett Packard, and Broadcom) in the areas of engineering workstations, embedded software, hardware sub-systems, chip design, network security and http://www.de4kids.ro/price-of-propecia data integrity.

Mark is the Principle at TFT Ventures and also an angel investor, which gives him the opportunity to review a half dozen business plans a month ranging from medical products and cloud storage systems to the next big innovation in pie making.

Agile and Kanban 101 courses run from 6:00 to 6:45 during the networking period of the monthly meeting. A sign-up sheet is cheap viagra site posted at 5:30 near the check-in table. Capacity is limited to 10 people per class, and sign-up  is first come, first served.

There will be no Kanban 101 session this month.

Agile Dojo PDF Print E-mail

The "Agile Dojo," meets from 5:30 to 6:30 in a corner of http://www.danradcliffe.com/cialis-arterial-fibrillation the main room.

The Agile Dojo (formerly the order 5mg cialis online Agile Practice Group) gives Agile practitioners an opportunity to improve Agile techniques. In each meeting several participants practice an Agile skill such as facilitation, estimation, or requirements elicitation, then receive feedback from the audience. The group meets at each monthly meeting from 5:30-6:30. If you would like to be one of the presenters, please contact Michael de la http://applicationlink.com//var/www/clients/client8/web34/web/get-propecia-cheap Maza at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Member Discussion Forums PDF Print E-mail

We have a new feature!  It took a lot of work to implement, and required significant changes to cialis non-prescription the layout of the website (we think for the better), but we've added member discussion forums to Agile New England!  It's open for all Agile New England members, but you must be logged in to even see the menu option for it.  This is in part because it is meant as a benefit to our members (defined in our rules as anyone who has a login on our website), and in part for security and spam prevention.  The addition of the discussion forums is a big step in our efforts to help build the Agile community, even outside our regular meetings.

Once logged in, you will see a new menu option under Members Only, called Member Forums.  These forums can be used for talking about a particular meeting, beginner topics, advanced topic, jobs needed or opportunities announced, offering the group feedback, and even for coordinating rideshares, as was asked at several meetings.  For more information, be sure to visit the Rules and Help tabs once you get into the Member Forums.  Feel free to give us feedback on how we can improve the discussion forums.

Membership Policy PDF Print E-mail

Membership in Agile New England is open to online xenical everyone. There is no cost to join. Members have the bestellen levitra right to vote in chapter elections, and to receive member benefits such as discounts on books and conferences. Becoming a member also makes it easier to register for an event, since most of the form will be filled out for you if you are logged in

You do not need to be a member to attend meetings and events, and registering for a meeting does not make you a member. Registering as a user on the website makes you a member, so please register as a member here. You will need to confirm your membership annually (we will send you a reminder).


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