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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Your Team Has Conflicts: Pat Arcady

May 05, 2016, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Pat Arcady

Pat Arcady

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Being Agile calls for teams to value individuals and interactions, and to work collaboratively.  At times though, working collaboratively with a teammate can be your biggest problem!  Conflict is inevitable when you work with people.  Even the most productive teams experience conflict; disagreements arise, ideas collide, and passions about principles are tested.

Conflict in itself is neither good nor bad. Conflict is a problem when it adversely impacts your team’s productivity or team members’ desire to attend scrum meetings.  Conflict is a problem when it results in resentment or hostility or rivalry on your team. High performing teams learn how to manage conflict effectively.  How well do you handle conflict?

If you are curious about how to get better at dealing with conflict, please join us. In this interactive program, participants will explore key skills for navigating differences and conflicts at work.  You will learn a simple four-step protocol to follow for uncovering solutions that can work for all parties involved.  Feel free to bring a real life situation to work on in a small group.

About the speaker:

Pat is an Agile and Executive Coach with FreeStanding Agility. She coaches leaders and teams on how to increase employee engagement, team alignment, and collaboration.  Her work integrates core principles from three key knowledge areas: the agile movement; the neuroscience of leadership research; and conflict resolution and mediation.

Pat’s professional focus is coaching executives on how to cultivate agile leadership within their management teams. Her Emerging Leaders Program is an agile boot camp for executive teams where each participant learns to understand and shift where they resist change, and how to achieve desired results not merely set goals.

Pat earned a doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Memphis in Tennessee, an MS from Miami of Ohio, and a BA from Marian University in Indianapolis, IN.  She has completed three years of NVC Mediation training, in addition to the 33-hour Dispute Resolution training at the Community Dispute Resolution Center in Cambridge, MA.  Pat is also a licensed consultant for The Results System. She resides in Somerville, MA, which gives her easy access to the city and the beach.


Agile in Marketing and Development: What's the Same, What's Different?

First ever Meetup of Agile New England and the Boston Agile Marketing Group!

March 31, 6:30 PM, Constant Contact, Waltham, MA

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Agile principles are now being adapted for many functions, especially marketing. There is even an Agile Marketing Manifesto, derived from the Agile Manifesto

In this event our panelists will address questions like: 

·  How have Agile practices for product development been adapted for marketing? 

·  What are differences between how marketing and development teams use them? 

·  What can development learn from marketing? 

·  How can they work together to create more value for customers and reach them more effectively?

Frank Days (moderator) is Vice President of Marketing at Tesora and host of Marketing Agility Podcast

Miljan Bajic (panelist) is an Agile Coach at Unum Group. He is a leader in the use of Lean and Agile methods for organizational transformation. As a coach he has worked with teams, individuals and leadership on their Agile transformations, both large and small.

Staci Dubovik (panelist) is an Agile Coach at Vistaprint. She is facilitating the adoption of Agile by 140 marketing and creative employees on three continents. Agile practices such as value stream mapping, story mapping, personas and Kanban have improved trust between groups, made work visible, reduced feedback loops, and shortened lead and cycle times.

Kanban 101 for Mar 03, 2016
David Grabel

David Grabel

Topic: The Online GetKanban Game

The GetKanban Board Game is a physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a class or workshop setting. It's hands-on, engaging, and fun! The game is designed to be played by a team of people. It involves frequent decision making, and can sometimes suffer from lengthy analysis.

We will be using an online version of the board game to teach Kanban in an interactive and fun environment.

Led by David Grabel

David Grabel is a passionate enterprise agile coach. He has introduced Scrum, Kanban, XP, and SAFe to organizations of sizes varying from single team startups to large organizations with over 500 teams. Previous clients include PayPal, Bose, and Trizetto. He helped develop a process for integrating Lean UX design with Scrum delivery teams that was rolled out to 15 Lean UX teams supporting over 100 delivery teams around the world. He is certified as CSM, CSP & SPC and is studying at the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. He recently presented a workshop at Agile 2015 on Patterns for Scaling Agile.

David is a past president of Agile New England. He is currently bringing agile beyond engineering at Vistaprint. Previously, he was Vice President of Engineering at Monetrics a startup that was acquired by JM Family Enterprises. Other previous senior management positions include Vice President of Product Technology at Thomson and Vice President of Development at Politzer & Haney.

Agile 101 for Mar 03, 2016
Yuval Yeret

Yuval Yeret

Topic: The Daily Standup Wheel

Effective Daily Standups are a key technique Agile Teams use to manage uncertainty and emerging events. But it doesn't work that well when they're stale/boring. Enter the Daily Standup Wheel - a game you can use in your dailies to both spark it up as well as make sure you ask yourself the right questions (and not just the 3 usual ones...). In this short 101 session we will discuss the common "smell" of the boring/dead daily standup & familiarize ourselves with this game designed to fight the anti-pattern. 

About the session leader:

Yuval is a senior enterprise agility coach at AgileSparks, an international lean agile consulting company with offices in Israel, India, and now in Boston. His client portfolio includes lean/agile initiatives at HP Software R&D, Siemens Manufacturing, Amdocs, Intel, NICE, ICAP, CyberArk, PerfectoMobile and various other smaller enterprises. He is a frequent conference speaker, holds the Lean/Kanban community distinguished Brickell Key Award, is a SAFe Program Consultant, CSM, CSP and CSPO. He is the author of “Holy Land Kanban” and blogs at Yuval recently moved to the Boston area with his family to lead AgileSparks consulting services in the US. In his spare time he plays volleyball.

Agile 101 and Kanban 101 courses run from 6:00 to 6:45 during the networking period of the monthly meeting. A sign-up sheet is posted at 5:30 near the check-in table. 

Capacity is limited to 10 people per class, and sign-up  is first come, first served.

Being Agile: Having the Mindset that Delivers: Gil Broza

April 07,2016, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm,  Constant Contact , Waltham, MA: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

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Gil Broza

Gil Broza

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Are you excited about adopting Agile? Have you realized the promised benefits: happy customers, quality product, reliable delivery teams, and faster releases? If your honest answer is “some,” “inconsistently,” or “only at first,” then you’re not alone. Most organizations experience disappointments due to Agile implementations that are mechanical, rigid, or driven by tools and so-called “best practices.” 

Agile is first and foremost a mindset that should permeate your actions. Without the mindset, the practices don’t matter. 

In this talk, Gil Broza will guide you through an exploration of the values, beliefs, and principles that define Agile thinking. You’ll learn how to choose the Agile methods, processes, and practices that fit your needs and context. By understanding what makes Agile work, you’ll be able to support mindful implementation and the necessary culture change.

About the speaker:

Gil Broza helps software organizations build and lead engaged, solid, high-performance Agile development teams. He guides teams and their leaders in creating effective, humane, and responsible work environments so they truly delight their customers and make a positive impact. Gil’s recent book, The Agile Mind-Set, helps practitioners become truly Agile about their work. His earlier book The Human Side of Agile is the definitive practical guide to leading Agile teams. He is a regular contributor and three-time track chair for the Agile series of conferences, and one of the Agile writers at

Gil Broza and Johanna Rothman will be leading the Influential Agile Leader Workshop April 6-7, in Boston.


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